We should support shopping in Rye, not impose parking restrictions

From: L. Sallas, East Street, Rye

Friday, 18th January 2019, 9:54 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:44 pm
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Your letters to the newspaper

“Free parking should be offered in town centres across Britain to help boost struggling high street retailers, a minister has said.

“Jake Berry also called on councils to consider bringing entertainment such as bandstands and art galleries to shopping centres to pull in more patrons.

“He called on councils to rethink how much they charged motorists amid mounting concerns about struggling shops.”

East Sussex County Council should ask why they are following a different path to government and are wanting to impose parking charges.

Whilst parking in Rye is not perfect, it is certainly much better then other similar towns and is livable/workable for the residents and visitors alike.

I have never seen traffic congestion in Rye High Street.

East Sussex County Council is considering civil enforcement proposals by council or private company to issue penalty charges for residents and visitors.

I have knowledge and experience with private parking companies.

These are companies and as such are there only to make profits.

The only income civil parking companies have is from penalty charges and as such, the more penalty charges/parking tickets issued the higher their revenue.

Some civil enforcement companies offer bonuses to encourage wardens to issue parking charges.

This is a highly profitable area for parking firms as charges and costs are escalated and pursued vigorously through debt collectors threatening all sorts to achieve their aims.

Certain councils can also be very zealous in their pursuit of penalty charges.

As I am writing this, there is further news of the collapse of the High Street and poor Christmas trading.

Surely we need to support Rye High Street?

Charging people to park is not supportive.

Why would Rye want this for their residents, businesses or their visitors?

Rye is fine as is and is a lovely place to live.

Please, no civil enforcement of any sort for the Citadel.