Where will all the Dover ferry deliveries go after Brexit?

From: Elizabeth Hart, Hastings Road, Battle

Monday, 12th November 2018, 6:38 am
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 1:57 pm

The Port of Dover has announced that it will only be able to deal with 25 per cent of their current daily traffic after Brexit.

This leaves the remaining 75 per cent having to find another port to arrive at. The Government have suggested Tilbury as an alternative but currently it is not set up for ferry traffic. How long would it take to set up?

Ramsgate, Newhaven, Portsmouth and Poole are all ferry terminals but they would need increased numbers of staff, larger parking areas and more infrastructure to cope with the sudden influx of lorries all with drivers clutching sheets of paper to be signed off before they proceed.

Is there any sign of the Government planning for this?

It takes approximately four months to advertise, interview and have someone in post and a further six months before they are proficient in their role.

If recruitment started today it would be September next year before they reach that point.

Meanwhile what happens to the 75 per cent of goods – food, medicines and industrial parts – that we need which could not land at Dover?

How long would businesses last? How long before they laid off staff as they have nothing to make with no parts arriving?

How long before food prices rocket out of the reach of the poor? Are Food Banks supposed to feed them or is the Government planning on rationing?

As usual we have many questions but no answers from the Government, only meaningless sound bites.

It is “the will of the people”. Really?