With the move from Horntye Park in Hastings I shall no longer be able to enjoy local cricket

From: Tony Talbot, Priory Road, Hastings

Friday, 20th August 2021, 6:00 am
Cricket being played at Horntye Park in Hastings SUS-170709-162638002

I have attended both cricket ground and the sports complex since day one, however, as a non car owner and being in my eighties I will no longer be able to enjoy local cricket. Mr Peter Finch. B.E.M. (Horntye) has made it known there are plenty of mini buses at Claremont and a transport service could be arranged, this would have many snags, some patrons can get there for start others cannot, and again on return some need to leave early, others can stay to the end.

My feelings are that the whole complex has never been promoted or events advertised. You can say to 100 people in the town, I am going to cricket,at least 90 will say, where do they play cricket

Since day 1 there has never been a sign on the outside of the building to say where the toilets are situated, very embarrassing for visitors to ask strangers, “Where’s the toilets”.

Also there has been no sign to say where the bar and food can be obtained, many visitors and players alike, go over to Lidls to buy their supplies. A few years ago, a team from Roffey came by coach to play here, a very hot day, no ice creams or lollies in bar, so they went to Lidls, came back and sold to everybody to defray some of the coach hire fee.

During the hockey season at least four games are played here, after each game sausages, chips and beans are provide for both teams and officials, so roughly 100 portions served plus there are supporters, players and families buying from bar, so what is going to cover this loss of income for six months of the Year.

As said before, promotion and advertising could have prevented this situation, just a pure ignorance of foresight

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