Long term vision for education in Rye?

The Rye View with Granville Bantick SUS-140326-080711001
The Rye View with Granville Bantick SUS-140326-080711001

I have been informed that a planning application has been submitted by ESCC to its Planning Committee for temporary permission for a double mobile classroom on the east side of the primary school in Rye.

I have to say it does make me wonder whether sufficient thought had gone into anticipating future expansion and development of the primary school when it was originally conceived.

It is not always easy to know sometimes how successful a school will be, or to anticipate the increase in pupil numbers. However, I think a chance was missed at the outset to have not sought out more space for possible increase in pupil numbers.

With an ever rising population, many of whom seeking to leave the urban conurbations for cheaper homes in the rural areas, the need for more school space is unquestionable.

This is a national issue which is causing great concern throughout the country, and has become very much a political issue. This problem of course has been exasperated with the shortage of local authority funding.

As one of the prime objects of the Rye Neighbourhood Plan, as well as the Local Development Framework, is to anticipate future development and to make provision for future expansion based on the wishes of the community.

Those involved in this project want to know whether there is a long term vision for education in Rye, and how this may be best achieved.

Well it looks as if we are “cleared to take off” at Lydd Airport now the High Court judge has dismissed the claims from the RSPB and the Lydd Airport Action Group over their concerns of an aircraft crashing on to the nuclear power station and interfering with the bird habitat.

It has been a long haul while both sides fought to have their cases for and against heard. I had always thought it was inevitable that the expansion of the airport would go ahead despite the strong objections put forward.

There was a need for more provincial airports to ease the pressure on the major airports in the country, and, now Manston Airport is closing Lydd Airport is needed even more. It is expected more jobs will be created.

However, there is concern that the highway infrastructure in the vicinity of the airport is inadequate to cope with the likely increase in traffic.

This does need to be addressed.

I can understand the new “Don’t Count Yourself Out” campaign being launched to encourage young people to vote in elections. While apathy is rife in this town and in our country for many good reasons, one only has to see the big drop in the vote to realize that democracy is failing us.

There needs something to be done when one observes the low turnout in local elections.

Whether or not one disagrees with the policies of politicians I support the campaign which is to inform and educate young people to have a say in decision making, and this surely must start at an early age in our schools and colleges.

Next May we shall have both the General Election and the District and Parish elections. Now is the time for our local schools and colleges to support this campaign to encourage its pupils when their time comes to vote.

But it is not just young people who need to be encouraged to vote of course. Everyone who has the vote should go out and vote, as to do so, is to have a say in the decisions which at the end of the day could affect the community in which he or she lives.