Meet my new pal Hannah, she’ll sleep all winter long

Alex Keeling took this picture of a hedgehog near Thornborough Mill House
Alex Keeling took this picture of a hedgehog near Thornborough Mill House

WALKING to school in the rain is fun!

I have to put on my Wellington boots (all four of them!), my raincoat, and my hat. I’ve just started 
Year 1, so I have lots of exciting work to do in class, and my teacher, Miss Potts, is really nice.

I made a new friend on my first day back, she’s called Hannah and she’s a hedgehog.

When it was lunchtime 
she opened her lunchbox and it was full of slugs and snails! Eugh!

I asked her why and she told me slugs and snails are a hedgehog’s favourite food, and that now it’s autumn, she must eat as many as 
she can.

This is because hedgehogs sleep all winter! Before they go to sleep they must eat lots of big dinners so they don’t get hungry and wake up before spring.

I like eating, but I also like running around, jumping in puddles, jumping in piles of leaves, and I especially like Christmas.

Imagine sleeping through Christmas! Hannah doesn’t have Christmas, but she says she still gets presents, because when she wakes up the sun is shining, and there are lots of new plants to snuffle around in.

I’m writing this after school for handwriting practice – my ‘w’ is getting better every day.

Next I’m going to read a book from school with my mum. I bet you have 
an exciting new book to 
read, too.

Why not tell me what your favourite thing about school is? Whether it’s playtime, storytime, drawing, or even maths!

Let me know what you like best about being back at school!

Chip chip for now!