More of a human touch needed

BAILIFFS turning up on the door-step threatening to remove property and personal possessions would be nerve-wracking for any of us - for a vulnerable and mentally ill man it must be absolutely terrifying.

Council tax needs to be paid and there may be another side to this story which Rother Council has not disclosed in its very brief statement.

However, questions need to be answered as to why more was not done before the bailiffs were sent in.

Surely there are situations, such as this one, when Rother had been made aware of this man’s personal circumstances and health issues, where some personal human contact was needed rather than following the usual process of sending out letters and demands.

What worries us is that this man’s father had asked the district council to involve him and copy him in on any correspondence and yet claims this did not happen.

We feel there are ways in which this upsetting situation could have been avoided and would urge Rother Council to revisit its policy on collecting debts.