MP’s view with Amber Rudd

As we recover from Easter excitements, and a little chocolate excess for some of us, this week creates a natural stepping stone into the next “term” of summer. I found that the inclination to think of the year as broken into school terms came rushing back with my own children’s term times to govern the year. And now that they have left school, Westminster governs the year in London for me with its calendar that largely imitates school terms.

But here in Rye we have local landmarks to add to the ones around the school community. Last week I joined friends at the annual opening of the Rye Castle Museum. This was an event to mark the change of season in Rye. It was an event to remind us that the Museum is going to open for the summer and needs all our support. The volunteers need to be reminded of the role we hope they will play and the reason for it. And we all enjoyed this, admiring the exhibits and being treated to some delicious finger food. And all under the watchful enthusiasm and irrepressible optimism of Jo Kirkham and her team.

The school children will I am sure approach the summer term with excitement around the weather, the sports, the events .... let alone the learning! And some will approach nervously their critical exams.

But here in Rye, for those of us with exams long behind us, we are fortunate to have many community events to look forward to in the summer including the Arts Festival and the messy but glorious Raft Race. Lets hope the sun shines!