Nuclear questions must be addressed

THE expansion of Lydd Airport is a long-running and controversial issue that still attracts a wide section of views.

A strong environmental lobby, led by the RSPB claims it would damage the sensitive Romney Marsh wildlife habitat while many in favour claim it would revitalise the local economy and bolster the Rye area’s status as a prime tourism destination.

But looming over both these arguments is the spectre of a nuclear power station just a few miles away from the end of the extended runway.

This fact was being examined at London’s High Court where lawyers raised concerns that the Office for Nuclear Regulation was not present at the earlier lengthy enquiry.

It goes without saying that all aspects relating to safety have to be explored in the minutest detail - there can be no error for margin here.

As cuts continue to bite deeper with everyone feeling the pinch it is refreshing that Rye Town Council is looking at reducing its part of the Council Tax charge.

In real terms it may only relate to a saving of a few pounds a year yet the feel-good factor is worth a lot more.