Oleta’s cool letter helps me know her much better

Made-up characters by Oleta Adams
Made-up characters by Oleta Adams

I’ve a had a really nice letter from my newest friend.

Oleta Adams wrote (in very neat handwriting) that she is new to my club and hasn’t sent me anything yet, so thought she’d tell me a little bit about herself.

“I am nine-years-old and have a lovely mother, an awesome brother called Noah and a wonderful Nan.

“I have a best friend named Hunnie and a hamster called Princess. Hunnie and I both enjoy Minecraft but I also enjoy sports and drawing”

What a brilliant letter! Thanks Oleta, I feel like we are best friends now.

I know that you enjoy drawing, as you’ve sent me a fantastic drawing of some made-up characters. They look great...

If any other Chipsters would like write me a letter, the address is Chipper, Woods House, Telford Road, St Leonards, TN38 9LZ.