Out but far from down

SO Rye and 1066 Country failed to make the short-list for the City of Culture bid. It would have been great to make the final four but we should not feel too despondent. We lost nothing by pushing the area forward for this but gained a lot during the short journey.

As John Smith, from Rye Bay Marketing pointed out a few weeks back: “It is a win-win situation. Win or lose, the Rye area will be getting some national attention and focus.”

This has been borne out by bookmakers shortening the odds on our bid. It means many have taken a closer look at the area and what it has to offer and in this age of lightning fast social media word will surely spread.

Besides, despite the result, one thing is a dead cert - that Rye is a vibrant town that is growing all the time in its cultural stature.

It was good to see so many people wanting to represent their town by putting themselves forward as a town councillor this week.

We were impressed by the quality and calibre of the candidates and what they have to offer. Seven stood for just one post. We hope that those who missed out this time will stand again when elections take place in 2015. Among the candidates were those who were keen to represent young people in the town. That can only be good.