Parking issue is 
set to dominate

TRAFFIC management and parking issues continue to dominate the political landscape in Rye.

Measures are now being taken which will hopefully alleviate the ongoing dangerous situation of vehicles parking and driving on pavements in the Citadel area.

Talk is rife of the need for parking wardens in the town and, in an interesting development this week, the Highways Forum says it is looking at areas of the town where ‘unnecessary’ double yellow lines can be converted into more parking spaces.

The real headliner grabber this week is the fomenting of a rebellion against car parking charges imposed by Rother Council.

Now there is a move which could see Rye and Battle joining forces to demand a fairer deal.

It has long been perceived that the rural area, including the busy Camber resort, funds Rother and effectively subsidises Bexhill.

The only thing that surprises us is that patience has not run out before.

A good, fair, parking system can make or kill a town. Trade in Hastings has suffered from its draconian parking regime and, at a time when the local economy is in such a frail state, getting this right is vital.