Parking poses problems in Rye

Comment from the Rye Observer
Comment from the Rye Observer

IF there is one unifying theme of this week’s Rye Observer it is the issue of parking and road safety, whether that involves enforcement of parking regulations or creating more opportunity for people to park and shop.

Is it right that Rye police have to take valuable time out to enforce parking restrictions when in practically every other town in the country it is enforced by the local authority?

Of course, this is a double-edged sword. Draconian parking enforcement in nearby Hastings, including requiring residents to buy expensive permits to park outside their home, when previously there were no restrictions such as lines, has been very unpopular.

Rye Rother councillor Sam Souster has pointed out that the Rother run car parks in Rye are losing out to private operators and is calling for the district council to introduce two hours free parking.

We have reported many times on the safety hazards and the danger to pedestrians in roads such as Lion Street.

Of course the real issue here is how does a town like Rye, with a medieval infrastructure designed for horses and carts, cope with the huge heavy goods vehicles that are trying to cram into the Citadel area to make deliveries.