Plan needs community support

Rye Observer comment
Rye Observer comment

Planning for the future of Rye will give local people a greater say in the sort of town and community they want to live and work in.

While Thursday’s meeting to launch the Rye Neighbourhood Plan was well attended, a glance around confirmed that it was largely comprised of the great and good of Rye, familiar faces who are active in the community or who have strong views about the town.

Anthony Kimber is absolutely right when he says that shaping the right plan for Rye will require wider community involvement, including interacting with the young people whose future this plan will affect.

But all plans have their beginnings with proactive people who work hard to make things happen.

We are confident that the steering group will reach a wider audience.

They are already taking a forward thinking and modern approach by using social media such as Facebook, twitter and a website to communicate their ideas.

The next stage in taking this forward will be to stimulate interest and debate within the wider community.