Police deserve our praise

It’s all too easy to knock the police but this week we are keen to see them get some recognition and praise for a job well done.

Our local Neighbourhood Police Team do a great job and fully engage with the community.

They even take on roles which in other towns are carried out by local authorities such as managing traffic problems and handing out parking tickets.

It’s also good to see the local community interacting with and working alongside police to provide information and knowledge to help beat crime.

Don’t forget to support Rye’s traditional and unique Mayor Making ceremony on Monday .

Srambling for hot pennies has become part of our many quirky and treasured English traditions. It has even been recorded in the Oxford Dictionary of English Folklore and Traditions.

There is growing concern over the Government imposing a much higher housing quota. Many argue that our resourses are already overstretched without a new influx. In other European countries they make sure the infrastructure is in place first before building.