Quiet Rye - you must be joking!

ANYONE thinking that Rye is a picturesque but quiet little town should take a look at this week’s edition.

Like a swan we may seem to glide along serenely on the water but beneath the surface is a flurry of action.

Two important meetings took place this week, both with the aim of resolving burning and controversial issues affecting the town.

One meeting took place in the House of Commons when MP Amber Rudd brought together the main players in the supermarket stalemate; the other took place closer to home at The Town Hall when the Highways Forum met to thrash out a solution to the growing problem of parking abuse in the town and vehicles mounting pavements.

We will have to wait a little longer to see what outcome each meeting yields, but the main thing is that action is now being taken and that can only be a positive thing.

Despite all that is going on behind the scenes, Rye still found time to do what it does best - put on a colourful public spectacle.

Visitors, not aware of what was going on, must have been amazed to be confronted with a street procession of Mayors in all their regalia and finery as Rye hosted the Cinque Ports Speakers Day.