Review into Mary’s death is welcome

Serious questions remain unanswered about the terrible incident at Northiam in September when seven year old Mary Shipstone died after being shot by her father outside her home.

The family had raised concerns that her father Yasser Alromisse was violent and they believed they were safer in Northiam after being re-located there from a refuge at Camber Sands.

The key questions we as a newspaper would like to see answered are how did Alromisse managed to track the family down? How did he come to own a firearm and were concerns and warnings about the potential threat from him taken seriously?

The Serious Case Review, announced last week, is sure to examine these issues.

Sadly, whatever the findings it won’t bring Mary back but it may prevent another family from suffering such a tragedy in the future.

Plans for Christmas celebrations in both Rye and Battle are already well in hand with everything from seasonal parades to glowing igloos.

You can read more about what the town’s have planned in the Christmas supplement that comes with this week’s edition.