Rye and Battle remembers

The Poppy Appeal seems to be more significant than ever this year as we mark the centenary of the start of the Great War.

Remembrance Day parades take place at Both Rye and Battle on Sunday as old soldiers join together with members of youth organisations to honour the fallen.

Wreath laying and services will also be taking place in villages across the district.

The national target this year to support ex service men and women and their families is £40 million and every Poppy sold goes toward that goal.

Those whose loved ones have been cared for by St Michael’s Hospice and those who are involved in fund-raising or volunteering for the charity will all be shocked and moved to anger and disbelief at the callous acto of an Icklesham woman who diverted funds left to the hospice in a will to her own bank account.

What is even more shocking is that Andrea Garrick had worked in a senior position for the charity and was trusted by them.

The seriousness of that breach of trust was rightly reflected in a two-year prison sentence this week but there will be people questioning whether that sentence should have been longer.