Rye gets behind culture bid

IT makes perfect sense to invite Rye to the table for the 2017 UK City of Culture bid.

The town has often been cited as ‘the jewel in Rother’s crown’ but Rye has much more than good looks and an illustrious history to bring to the party - anyone who saw the streets come alive when the Olympic Torch passed through last summer will be aware of that.

The town is a magnet for accomplished artists from all over the globe and Rye Art Gallery is one of the finest small galleries in the South of England.

Never has Rye’s vibrant sense of culture been more evident, from breath-taking fire festivals to quay-side celebrations of it’s nautical heritage and Rye College students holding their colourful Rio style street carnival.

These much anticipated events are free and open to the whole community.

Rye is still continuing to flex it’s cultural muscle with an ambitious new Jazz Festival last year seeing top acts from all over the world performing and gving free street concerts and workshops.

So let’s get behind the bid - it really is a no lose scenario which will help raise the Rye area’s profile in the public eye and showcase what it has to offer.