Rye is in the camera eye once again

LESS than 12 months after George Clooney and company departed Rye raising awareness of the town across the globe it is now set to become a familiar sight in millions of living rooms across the country with the BBC arriving to film a top quality drama.

It is further proof of the town’s desirability as a destination whether that be for film crews, food lovers or devotees of the arts.

It is not difficult to see why - the town was vibrant and alive with colour and spectacle on bank holiday Monday.

The sun shone and in a great juxtaposition of ancient and modern we had Rye’s unique Mayor Making ceremony, with its tradition of scrambling for hot pennies, as well as hundreds of powerful motorbikes creating an eye-catching display on Strand Quay.

While crime figures have fallen across Sussex opportunist crime in the rural areas seems to be rife at present.

We would all be wise to follow the advice from the Rye Neighbourhood Policing team on how to improve security.

It may not totally prevent rural crime but at least it will make things harder for the criminals and hopefully prevent a few thefts.