Rye is monumental location

RYE has been buzzing this week as filming gets underway in the town for the Hollywood blockbuster Monuments Men.

Many have been star-watching hoping to get a glimpse of George Clooney or Matt Damon, who have both been spotted.

Strand Quay and a shop at the Strand have become film sets and will be transported back to 1940’s wartime.

Even those not interested in the film were admiring the old fishing boats moored at Strand Quay.

And Camber and Winchelsea have been in on the action with filming on the beach and at the New Inn.

Lots of stories and anecdotes are coming out. Our favourite one is of a cafe owner at the Strand who remarked that actor John Goodman was the only customer all day to return his coffee cup to the counter.

Perfect weather this week should ensure that Rye is seen in the best light when it appears on the silver screen in December.

A leading film company choosing to shoot in the Rye area will do the 1066 City of Culture bid no harm whatsoever.

It is wonderful to see a previously extinct bumblebee being reintroduced in the Rye area. Let’s hope the flight of the short-haired bee is long-lived.