Rye Observer Comment

THE 1066 Country brand has literally become outdated - that is the view of some of some of the key figures promoting tourism in Rye.

They argue the date and branding, while still iconic to an older generation who studied it at school, means little to many and, importantly, means nothing to European visitors from France, Germany and Holland who are vital to tourism in the Rye area.

Perhaps the branding has become tired. It is certainly not specific to Rye, having stronger connections to Hastings, Battle and Pevensey.

The time could be right for a new way of promoting the town - one that creates an instant connection and resonance with visitors.

Still on tourism - it is hard to see how burying tonnes of high level nuclear waste under one of the most important natural areas of Sussex and Kent could be good for the visitor industry.

Reaction, as expected, has already been strong and vocal with Rye MP Amber Rudd stating her opposition.

Certainly there are lots of unanswered questions. It has been said that the facility would not be a target for terrorists as the waste would be so far underground, but how safe the trains transporting it to this area would be is another matter.

Then there is the question of the impact building the facility would have and how to dispose of excavated earth on a par with the Channel Tunnel.

But having said that there was a strong protest to the Dungeness power stations in the 1970’s and opposition to the wind turbines that now stand sentinel on the Marsh.

And we are still awaiting the result of an enquiry which could see a major expansion of Lydd Airport,

One thing is sure - it all seems to be happening just east of Rye.