Rye Observer Comment

What an amazing weekend we have lined up!

The nearly 20 years of the Rye Observer we cannot remember such a widespread celebration and coming together.

We are overwhelmed by the sheer number and diversity of the events, from colourful processions to street parties and picnics. And of course there will be fireworks and the lighting of beacons in Rye, Winchelsea and many of the villages.

Just listing all the events in the Rye Observer filled two pages of space.

The Battle of Britain planes flying over Rye on Saturday are a reminder of a pivotal historical event which unfolded above Rye and the surrounding fields and marshland.

Village committees have spent months planning events and it shows.

The Rye area has put much larger towns like Hastings to shame with its Diamond Jubilee celebrations and it should be rightly proud.

There are events and activities to appeal to all ages, old, young and families will be involved.

Whether you are a royalist or not hardly matters. This is about fellowship and communities coming together.

Now all we need is for the good weather to hold.