Rye Observer Comment

Rother Council’s plans to charge to collect garden waste have been met with grass roots opposition in the Rye area.

Now even prominent figures such as former Rye Mayor John Breeds are saying they plan to defy the hated proposal.

Residents already pay a substantial council tax and are rightly resentful of Rother’s bolt-on extras.

What makes the proposal even more ironic is the great fanfare with which the district council rolled out it’s green waste bin scheme a few years back.

Even that was a fiasco with many areas and homes being overlooked or having to wait for long periods before getting their green bins.

The kindest way you could describe Cllr Maynard’s comments about “fairness” is that they are naïve in the extreme.

Not unexpectedly they gave rise to questions from readers such as “I have no children so why should I pay toward children’s services?” and “I live on a hill so does that make me exempt from paying for flood defence?”

Once again Rother Council has seriously misjudged the mood of its residents and tax payers.

And has the council seriously stopped to consider the consequences and costs involved in an inevitable increase in fly-tipping should it’s proposal go ahead?

Our view is the same as Rother councillor Sam Souster’s – garden waste collection should be part of the existing community charge.