Rye Observer Comment

Way back in January Rye councillor and former Mayor Ian Potter predicted the Olympic Torch coming to Rye had the potential to cause chaos.

Now, looking at this week’s page three lead, his words seem to have a prophetic ring to them.

There is much to celebrate about the Olymnpics and Rye should be rightly thrilled that the Torch is coming through the town. It will be a day to remember and an inspirational moment for hundreds of local school children, who will be taking part in a parade, and we will be there to record it.

Of course, with something of this scale, it is invetiable that there will be some disruption.

But it is clear that with a little forethought, better planning and communication, and perhaps an awareness of the lay-out of the town, the impact could have been lessened and more people able to enjoy the big event.

Rye already has the infortunate reputation of being difficult for disabled and elderly people to traverse.

It would have been nice to see better communication and a degree of flexibility so that other people in the town with mobility problems could take part too.