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WHAT an incredible day on Wednesday when Rye welcomed the Olympic Torch.

The event has had its detractors in the town but anyone who was in the Mint or High Street on Wednesday could not fail to be moved by the sense of community and feel-good factor.

To see Rye so vibrant and full of people on an overcast weekday morning was amazing.

The smiles, excitement and enthusiasm of the hundreds of local school children taking part lit up the town and the effort and hard work they had put into the costumes and striking set pieces was evident.

We as a community newspaper are proud of our local schools and they shone on Wednesday.

The relaxed, good natured atmosphere was a far cry from the Torch passing through Hastings a day earlier where people were stuck six deep behind barriers with many excluded by a fenced in, ticket-only celebration.

There was no convoy of vehicles and motorcycle out-riders with flashing blue lights at Rye, just the torch bearers proudly carrying the flame through the High Street and the school children’s incredible parade.

It was a unique and unforgettable day and all credit to everyone involved in it.