Rye Observer Comment

Imagine sitting at home after a relaxing weekend and you receive a call saying that someone is snooping around your car outside your house.

What would be your first reaction?

John Adams’ first thought was to go and confront the thieves.

What he didn’t know was that they had come ‘tooled up’ (in his own words) with an air rifle.

Two of the gang were sitting in a car, spotted John, drove at him and then shot him in the face, peppering him with pellets.

Mr Adams now regrets his actions, saying that he should have waited until the police arrived.

He has to live with his injuries for the rest of life - he will undergo more surgery to save the sight in his eye - John says he has already lost it. Do his actions seem worth it, when a more cautious approach would have merely resulted in the cost to his employers of replacement tools and equipment?

With hindsight, there is only one obvious answer, but, faced with such a blatant act of criminality, how many of us wouldn’t feel outraged enough at what was happening in front of our eyes to try and intervene?

Most of us can sympathise with John’s decision to defend his property and things which are his responsibility but we can also learn from him that there are dangerous thugs who have no regard for others and are prepared to cause permanent injury in the pursuit of their own greed.

Do what John says: Dial 999 and let the police take care of the criminals.