Rye Observer Comment: After all the fanfare things have gone a bit flat

SO Sainsburys has finally smartened up its act and improved the empty properties it owns in Ferry Road.

That is commendable but the question still remains - how did a multi-million pound company, which claims to have the interests of the Rye community at heart, allow this situation to develop in the first place and take so long to rectify the situation?

It was a little like a teenager cleaning his bedroom after being nagged for weeks by his mum.

But at least Sainsbury’s responded. Tesco appeared to go into hiding when Rye Town Council contacted them raising concerns about property they owned.

Now we feel that both supemarkets owe the Rye public an update as to what is going on behind the scenes to resolve the situation as to who is actually going to build a supermarket on the former Lower School site.

After all the roadshows, fanfare and fancy designs we think most people will agree it all feels a little flat now.


RYE police have a tough task as it is and do a good job in protecting the local community.

On top of this they now have to devote time and effort in dealing with a small minority of lazy and selfish motorists who seem intent on flouting the parking regulations and leaving their vehicles in short stay spaces all day.

Let’s hope common sense prevails and police will have more time to concentrate their efforts in other areas where they are needed.


WELL done to anyone from the Rye area who ran the Hastings half-marathon on Sunday. Runners we know of include Ian Mitchell, landlord of the Queens Head at Icklesham, a team from Rye Retreat, running for the Boathouse charity, and the lads from the newly formed Rye Boxing Club.


BEXHILL OBSERVER COMMENT: Decision to raise car park fees not well-received

THE messy business of car park charges reared its ugly head again this week.

Battle Town councillors approved a motion at a recent meeting to officially condemn the increase in charges at the Upper and Lower Market car parks.

One councillor branded the increase “scandalous” whilst another declared that Battle was being “stuffed”.

These are all strong words, and I don’t think anyone who lives or works in the town will find themselves disagreeing with them.

But there was a lone voice of reason from Cllr Ron Harris, the council chairman.

He questioned whether the council should be condemning Rother’s increase whilst the town council is currently engaging in what seems like endless talks with the authority over the possibility of taking over control of the Mount Street car park.

There is little doubt that Rother’s decision to raise car park fees has not been well-received by many.

But whether a decision to officially condemn the increase will actually make the slightest bit of difference is debateable.

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