Rye Observer Comment: Bikers at Rye’s Strand Quay... a problem which needs solving

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The issue of bikers at Rye’s Strand Quay is one that is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

And with a busy weekend expected in Rye and the August bank holiday still to come we can expect more developments.

It is easy to see the problems here, but not quite so easy to come up with a solution.

As one councillor commented at Monday’s long debate “This is a multi-faceted problem.”

What was clear is that the majority of bikers are courteous and considerate and that it is a small minority who cause problems.

Rye is a visitor town and bikers are visitors who spend money and help boost the local economy and support small businesses at the Strand.

Many even see the row of gleaming bikes as an attraction and talking point in itself.

One of the reasons bikers are drawn to Strand Quay is that they are in view of their expensive machines - Gibbets Marsh is too isolated for them to feel comfortable to leave an expensive bike for anytime.

But bikers should still pay to park like any other motorist and if they park illegally they should be subject to the same sanctions.

The whole situation is a tricky balancing act between the right of residents to enjoy peace and quiet on a Sunday, and keeping pavements free of bikes, while accommodating the bikers who want to visit and the traders who welcome them.

We were saddened by the death of David Wright, who served as a Rye councillor for four years.

David was knowledge, approachable and true to his real sense of independence.

He always had the interests of the town at heart and his balanced views brought much to debates at the council.

His loss is another gap in the town that will be hard to fill.