Rye Observer Comment: Gulls are ‘wiley critters’

Gulls! They’re everywhere in Rye, scavenging the bins and rubbish bags left open to the elements.

The town council has identified that an enclosed bin is enough of an obstacle to make sure that the tempting morsels stay in the bin.

But that won’t deal with the holiday makers who leave their rubbish in bags.

It only takes one opened bag of waste to spoil the whole street and attract other vermin to the area.

The gulls were here before we came along and they are not going to be easy to deter - they are ‘wiley critters’ after all.

But at least we can hope that this remedy goes some way to keeping our streets clean and safe to enjoy.

• The Rye Maritime Festival was a great success by any measure - many of the visitors expressed their view that there was a very friendly atmosphere and that they would return to future events.

As Charles Bronsdon points out, there isn’t anything to compare to it in Rye or the region.

The town was built around the rivers and it’s closeness to the sea, and a celebration of our nautical connections should be a mainstay of the events calendar.

But it costs money to stage a festival on this scale and this is where we can help out.

If you can support any event over the next year that will raise money for the 2012 event, then, please, do your bit.

You never know, the sun might shine on next year’s festival too!