Rye Observer Comment: It’s been a dramatic week

It has been a dramatic week in the Rye area - a week that has seen a shop in a quiet village ram-raided amd a woman tied up and robbed in her home in broad daylight.

Full credit to Rye Police who were at the scene of the raided Iden shop within minutes.

The ram-raid had all the hallmarks of a carefully planned crime with the offenders even fitting false number-plates. It is thought they came from Kent.

The Rye area has suffered a lot of cross-border crime in recent years but police seem to be on top of it, working with their Kent counterparts to conduct a number of operations, which have prevented crime from happening.

But the police cannot be everywhere at once in what is a wide rural area. The best we can do is remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Rye Town Council went a long way to help beat the winter blues when it announced a zero increase in its council tax precept. In fact many residents will actually be paying less than last year.

All credit to the council for it’s good management during difficult financial times.


Battle Observer Comment: Will common sense or sheer greed win out?

THE spectre of car park charges has reared its ugly head again.

On Monday Rother’s Services and Overview Committee will debate on the car park working group’s recommendations.

Although none of these new parking recommendations are ideal, it seems the group has acknowledged that concessions do need to be made to what was originally proposed.

When speaking to the chair of the town’s chamber of commerce, he seemed pleasantly surprised that much of what the traders had to say had been taken on board by the working group.

All that remains to be seen now is whether Rother’s committee and cabinet are willing to be as reasonable.

They could accept the recommendations made, which would bring in an extra £86,000 a year for the council coffers.

Or they could push for the full £100,000, which could mean some of the more unpopular original plans get waved through.

Will common sense or sheer greed win out?

Do the right thing, Rother. Don’t let down the people who put you where you are.