Rye Observer Comment: Obvious Rother don’t want to manage allotments

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THEY say information is power and Rye Allotments Association looks set to use documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act as a blunt instrument against Rother Council’s persistant claims that Rye’s allotments are not statutory and that Rother is their rightful owner.

It is true that Rother were prepared to hand control of the allotments back to Rye on a 99 year lease but the dogged diggers of Rye Allotments Association see things in more fundamental terms.

They believe Rye and not Bexhill based Rother is the rightful owner, despite Rother Council’s California gold-rush style land regsitry claim.

If Rye’s allotments are confirmed as statutory then Rother could well have been acting above and beyond the law by selling off part of the Love Lane site without Government consent.

It is obvious that Rother don’t want to manage the allotments, or they would not be offering Rye a lease to do just that.

Though Rother Council has continually denied it is interested in the land for development, the big question that still remains unanswered is why then is it so hell-bent on retaining ownership?