Rye Observer Comment: Rye College, a school we can be proud of

A BELATED well done to the students and staff at Rye College for the GCSE achievements.

Results have improved for the fifth year in a row - a solid reflection of the quality of our town’s school.

Let’s not forget that a few years ago the school was failing and placed on special measures.

There was no leadership and the board of governors was frankly in denial as concerned parents opted to send their children to schools as far away as Battle and Robertsbridge.

It is a very different picture now with parents fighting to get their children into Rye College.

Principal Ann Cockerham and her hard working team have done an incredible job in reversing the fortunes of Rye College and deserve recognition for making it a school we can rightly be proud of.

Speaking to Ann and teachers at the school, the sense of dedication and enthusiasm is palpable.

Ann has made significant inroads in her vision of the school playing a central role in the Rye Community.

Artwork from students has been displayed at local galleries, young musicians have contributed to Rye events and the College has brought the town a welcome splash of summer sunshine with its annual street carnival.

Let’s hope Sussex South Coast College, at Hastings, honours its promise to invest a substantial sum from the sale of the Lion Street site into new facilities for Rye College.