Rye Observer Comment: Valley Park is not going to go away

IT was the housing estate no-one wanted and now Valley Park is in the headlines again.

Despite Rye Town Council, Rother Council and local residents being strongly opposed to its creation an Inspector called and decided that filling Government housing quotas was far more important than the views of Rye people.

There are strong arguments that Valley Park should never have been built, especially on a greenfield site, but like it or not it is not going to go away and the people who live there are now Rye residents, with the same rights as anyone else living in the town, and should be accepted as such.

Developers AronCorp, to give them credit, have made concessions such as re-surfacing the road at Old Brickyard, and they have said they will speak to residents at Valley Park to make them aware of the problems and as them to be considerate when walking through Old Brickyard.

True they are responsible for building the estate, but how responsible can they be for any anti-social behaviour attributed to its occupants?

What cannot be denied though is that Old Brickyard residents have enjoyed years of the peace and quiet they are entitled to and now face serious and ongoing problems which will need to be addressed.