School road safety policy is absurd

We live in a world where preventative measures are increasingly valued and emphasised be it with diet and health issues or maintaining our properties.

Not so it seems when the life of a child is at stake.

Despite evidence from Catsfield Primary School and a plea from the MP, East Sussex County Council has decided the busy road outside the school is not dangerous as there is no history of serious incidents.

The Council’s policy of not introducing traffic control measures outside a school if a child has not yet been killed or seriously injured is not only unbelievable and absurd - it is quite honestly grotesque.

Pupils at the school have gathered evidence, the school has used a speed gun to record the speed of vehicles and only recently there was a near miss when a speeding car failed to stop for a lollipop person.

Will the council really not be satisfied until blood has been spilled on the road?

The county council has a duty of care here and needs to take a good hard look at its policies.

Perhaps county council officer Rupert Clubb should leave his ivory tower at Lewes and take a trip to Catsfield Primary School.