School site sale must work for the town

WE agree with Councillor Keith Glazier in that there is great potential with the sale of the Tilling Green School site to get a purpose-built and cost effective community centre for the people of Tilling Green while meeting the increasing demand for social housing in Rye.

We are keen though to see full engagement and consultation with local residents and effective interim measures put in place while the transition happens.

Aspects such as infrastructure and whether the sewer system and roads can cope with more housing also needs to be closely looked at.

We are also concerned that before any new social housing is introduced housing association AmicusHorizon resolve ongoing problems at Tilling Green.

There was a recent assault which took place in a home and only this week we were contacted by a young lady who claims her life is being made a misery by bad neighbours and that she cannot seem to get action taken.

This is a recent development - this lady says she has lived on the estate for eight years with no problems at all.

We would like to thank all our readers for their support throughout the year and wish them a very merry Christmas.