Shaming power of social media

If anyone doubted the power and influence of social media it was there for everyone to see this week with the run away success of a Facebook campaign in Rye which aims to shame motorists who flaunt restrictions by parking where they damn well like, regardless of whether that blocks a footpath, forcing a young mum to walk out in the road with a buggy or blocks a fire engine or ambulance.

The page had 1,200 likes at the time of going to press - that is close to a quarter of the population of Rye.

A long-term solution to Rye’s parking free-for-all has yet to be found but motorists still need to be thoughtful and considerate and use some plain common sense.

We will be following the campaign with interest.

With revelations that East Sussex County Council has paid out nearly £2 million in compensation and professional fees due to cracked and dangerous pavements, you have to wonder whether they may have made a saving by maintaining them properly in the first place.

It is somewhat significant that neighbouring Kent County Council has more than double the mileage of footpaths to repair yet pays out far less in compensation claims.