Should areas of Rye be kept car free?

Comment from the Rye Observer
Comment from the Rye Observer

THE issue of whether areas of Rye should be pedestrianised was raised again this week.

Pedestrianisation has enhanced many towns and cities and improved areas for the better.

But this is a huge issue which needs to be approached carefully.

There is a real need for action to address an imbalance between cars and pedestrians in the centre of Rye which is damaging the infrastructure of our historic town and putting people at serious risk.

Listed buildings are continually being clipped by vehicles and cobbled streets damaged and there have been reports of near misses as cars mount pavements in the narrow streets of the Citadel.

Rye already has an unenviable reputation for being inaccessible to disabled people.

Perhaps we need to start by addressing the smaller but important things such as lowering kerbs, making sure crossings and hazards are clearly marked, repairing pot holes and improving the quality of pavements to reduce trip-hazards.

Those who continue to rule out pedestrianisation of certain areas of Rye in the long-term though are being short-sighted.

It has the potential to transform the town and attract more visitors and commerce.