Silence and blame as wait continues

PATIENCE is wearing thin. It is now over a year and six months since supermarket giants Tesco and Sainsbury were both granted permission to erect a new store on the same site behind Rye’s Ferry Road.

Since then precisely nothing has happened, other than a flurry of complaints about the state of local houses the supermarkets acquired to suit their purposes which then became a target for vandals and a home to rodents. Not a single brick has been laid.

Now frustration and exasperation over the stalemate and lack of action has understandably led to blame being levelled. Some members of the public blame Rother Council for granting planning permission to both parties while Rother Councillor Sam Souster says East Sussex County Council is to blame for accepting a late Sainsburys deal after Tesco seemed to think they had acquired the site.

Rye people have waited long enough for a new supermarket and are now beginning to make their voices heard.

Significantly the only and loudest silence on this issue is coming from the supermarkets themselves. Ironic when you remember the flashy roadshows and public consultations and colourful architect’s impressions that were paraded - a distant memory now.

Surely they owe an explanation to their prospective customers.