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The View from Westminster with Amber Rudd MP
The View from Westminster with Amber Rudd MP
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Sometimes certain professions seem to have a language that is understood only by them. In Parliament for instance, last week we “prorogued for recess”.

Translated, that means the Parliamentary term ended, and MPs returned to their Constituencies.

The “Proroguation” itself is layered with traditional ceremony and formal performances, the highlight of which is the reading of the Bills that have been passed in Parliament during the concluding session, in the House of Lords, with MPs standing behind the bar (not the drinking sort) at the entrance.

As each bill is read, one of the clerks turns and announces, “La Reine Le Veulte” – the Queen wishes it, in Norman French.

It’s a fabulous moment to witness. These events aren’t dreamt up for drama or amusement, but have evolved over centuries, and it is wonderful to bear witness to our democracy in action in this way.

Closer to home in Hastings we have our own unique events and ceremonies. This year I was honoured to march as Lady of the May with the Chimney Sweeps for the Jack and the Green event in Hastings.

I was more nervous of this than of doing my maiden speech, but I ended up really enjoying it and getting swept up into the enthusiasm and fun.

As summer approaches we can look forward to lots more fantastic unique local events, from the Rye Music and Literature festival to our own Hastings Beer and Music festival, followed by Pirate Day - aaarrgghh.

Something for us all to enjoy whatever your particular enthusiasm.

But one thing is certain: none of this could take place without fantastic volunteers putting in the time and energy to make it happen. Parliament may have its exceptional language but we in Hastings and Rye are lucky to have our own exceptional events.