Sunshine brought smiles

What a difference a little sunshine can make! The Rye area was buzzing over the bank holiday weekend as we all enjoyed some long overdue warm weather.

One of the worst springs on record has had a disastrous affect on the local economy and the sunshine brought at least a little respite.

Rye has become a magnet for bikers in recent years and hundreds descended on the town again over the weekend resurrecting a long running controversy.

For many, the bikers add a colourful spectacle and bring much needed extra trade. Others complain of noise, blocked pavements and dangerous riding.

We can see both sides of the argument. These are not tear-aways but very often mature professionals who enjoy the sense of freedom that biking can bring. They are just as likely to return to Rye in a car with their families. On the other hand there remains a hardcore minority who act with arrogance and disregard for other motorists and residents. We witnessed it ourselves at the weekend; bikers pulling wheelies and overtaking at high speed on narrow sections of busy Winchelsea Road. Perhaps now is the time for a fresh debate and we want to hear your views.