Supermarket action is long overdue

IT has been many years now since the Sainsburys and Tesco circuses rolled into Rye full of promises and as yet neither of them has so much as even erected a big top.

Now Rother Council looks set to add its voice to calls for an outcome to the epic debacle with the favoured option being a rather tame request for the Government to bring pressure to bear.

Rother’s long-overdue interest will strike some as a little ironic as many in Rye blame Rother for creating this stalemate situation by granting planning permission to both applicants, a little like Pilate washing his hands,

This pre-dates Rother though. There is a valid argument that the whole situation has been handled badly with East Sussex County Council first announcing it was selling the Lower School site to Tesco before performing an eleventh hour u-turn and accepting an offer from rivals Sainsburys.

Of course we would like to see a resolution to this mess as soon as possible as the town and its residents are suffering as a result, but this has dragged on for so long that right now we would settle for some progress of any kind.

We are not holding our breath though.