Take nothing for granted

“Taken for granted”. That’s an accusation that we all might be guilty of at one time or another.

We may not appreciate others as we should. We may do more receiving than giving.

We may forget to use the basic courtesies of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Beyond personal relationships, we in East Sussex live in a beautiful county that many visit on holiday.

We too can enjoy the majesty of the coastline, the glory of the Downs, the sweep of the Weald.

Our countryside is managed by farmers, various Councils and Agencies.

Its appearance and its order are the result of sound planning and practical labour.

How quickly we would complain were it to become untended scrub land!

The lesson for all of us is that the good ordering of our community does not just happen, as if by magic.

The same is true of local clubs and societies, town galas and village fetes, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, sports teams, Charities and so forth.

Volunteers commit time, money and energy into ensuring that our lives are improved and our communities flourish.

So too the Church. It consists of ordinary folk, faithful in worship, maintaining their place of worship, of service in their parishes. “Taken for granted”.

Many volunteers may feel that way, yet they know the value of their contributions. May we break the cycle of selfishness.

May eyes be opened to see new possibilities.

May each give joyfully in Christ-like service to enrich one another.