That’s Chaz: Trick or treat!

It doesn’t take long for anyone who lives in Hastings to realise that we love a reason to dress up, and Halloween is the perfect excuse!

Some people embrace it and go all out on a costume or make-up whilst others settle for a scary movie in the dark, and hand out a few treats to enthusiasts that might knock on the door, Personally, I like the latter.

I stocked up on sweats, turned off the lights and watched a Horror.

Surprisingly though, I didn’t have a single trick or treater.

Has Hastings lost their enthusiasm perhaps? Maybe it was too cold.

Whatever the reason, I’ve decided to throw my own Halloween party next year, to really embrace the Halloween spirit.

But how could I incorporate my electric wheelchair into a costume?

I thought long and hard before I came up with the perfect costume: Herbie (the dead) talking car! It will involve a lot of cardboard and paint – but I have a year to get it finished! I might tag along to the annual ‘zombie walk’ next year too!

What’s the scariest or weirdest costumes you’ve ever seen?