Time for a re-think on Rye’s traffic issues

A PROPER traffic management strategy for Rye is well overdue.

More, and increasingly larger, vehicles are trying to squeeze through the narrow and overcrowded streets of the town.

With goods vehicles regularly mounting pavements, resulting in a number of near misses - it is only a matter of time before a pedestrian is killed or seriously injured.

Rye with its busy one-way system has just one traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing in the whole town. Compare this to the Old Town at Hastings where there are three light controlled crossings in a 600 yard stretch of road.

Already this year Rye councillors have spoken out and admitted that the infrastructure of the medieval town is not suited to 21st century traffic.

Credit to Rye councillor Granville Bantick for raising the traffic management issue and coming up with some credible solutions to try and the ease the problem.

Cllr Bantick says that many traders in Rye are resistent to pedestrianisation, fearing it will kill trade. That, in our view, is short-sighted.

Look how busy pedestrianised George Street is in the Old Town at Hastings. It has been packed at weekends, even in January and February as people realise it is a better shopping experience.