Trevor’s Week: can you help sponsor a cage?

Trevor Weeks 09-08-13
Trevor Weeks 09-08-13

Several weeks ago we rescued a family of ducklings who were being walked across the busy South Road in Hailsham.

Their mum ended up flying off as local residents tried to keep her and the ducklings safe from the busy traffic.

In the end the mum disappeared and the ducklings had to come in for care.

These are the six ducklings (pictured), now much more grown up.

Our orphan-rearing team have been extremely busy this year and worked so hard. We clearly need to improve our facilities in this area of the hospital to make cleaning quicker and easier and more manageable for the volunteers which is also much better for the casualties welfare too. We would like to purchase 24 new fibreglass veterinary cages costing approximately £400 each per cage.

We are looking for help in sponsoring these cages, if you would like to help sponsor one of these cages please contact me on 01825-873003 or by e-mailing

We will also put a label on the cage with your name on and you would be welcome to come and visit once the cages are installed too. Groups, clubs, societies, residents associations, schools, individuals, friends etc might want to club together and sponsor a cage or even do it as a gift or “in memory of” a friend or relative too.

We received a call out to Birdineye Farm at Framfield last week. The call was to a possible baby bat in a wood burning fire.

On arrival the owners said they couldn’t find the bat, but as we started searching the bat was found hidden on the back of the wood burner’s door.

The bat turned out to be a juvenile pipistrelle bat, which was rather sooty. He was checked over and found to be rather dehydrated and a bit underweight and may have been trapped inside the burner for several days, so very kindly Jenny Clark at the Sussex Bat Hospital kindly took him on.

We’ve had another couple of hedgehogs in this week with infected head wounds. One with an abscess across his head and one with an infected wound, both picked up from the Eastbourne area.

For those of you who remember little Wood Violet the hedgehog, who at just 300g had half her nose strimmered off, she is almost completely recovered now. She looks so much better now and she is now outdoors to see how she gets on with snuffling around looking for food. She is now 900g!