Two schools on one site could work

CONCERNS raised at the recent Rye Town Meeting over the viability of having a new Studio School on the Rye College campus were entirely valid.

There was a view that the new school could detract from Rye College .

Having listened to the response from Rye College Principal Ann Cockerham we are convinced the positive drive and energy exists to make both of these very different schools a great success.

It will provide a wider choice and greater opportunities for young people in the Rye area.

There is a move toward vocational education and it is not hard to see why .

The stories of students leaving university with excellent degrees and then working in fast food outlets or stacking shelves in supermarkets are not myths.

Increasingly prospective employers are saying that university graduates are not equipped with the skills they need .

Ann Cockerham has done a great job in reversing the fortunes of Rye College - once a failing school - and we feel that Jo Townshend, a key member of the team that achieved this, will be a strong leader for the new Studio School when it opens its doors in September.