View From Westminster

I have an apparently unquenchable thirst for all of the Olympics sports. I am sneaking off to watch sports I hardly knew existed, and am gazing transfixed at the traditional drama and excitements of my own favourites, the swimming and the gymnastics. I am amazed at myself.

The Olympics actually snuck up on me. Sure I knew they were coming but only as an incidental irritation to do with potential restricted travel.

But Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony was like a starting gun for the main event. Except that for many of us who weren’t crouched ready like athletes at the start, it had to wake us up to the event and capture our enthusiasm and interest in one event.

And he certainly achieved that. I was watching it casually with some friends in St Leonard’s. We were darting in and out with our barbecue dinner, with the TV on in the background. Our casualness soon evaporated.

The burgers were neglected as we leant forward transfixed in our seats not wanting to miss a single moment.

There was so much in the opening ceremony to admire and enjoy.

There was nothing political about it, but rather a patriotic celebration of our British history, culture and commerce. The show set the scene wonderfully for the Games, which are now in full flow.