Water company should take action

PROTECTING Rye from flooding this winter has been a concerted joint effort with the Environment Agency taking the lead and local Rye emergency group REACT trying to liaise and unite different bodies.

The one area where this is falling down seems to be Southern Water’s lack of co-operation and involvement, especially when comes to maintaining the essential pump at Marley Road which prevents Tilling Green from flooding.

We also need to know the full extent of which the extra new homes at Valley Park impact on the existing sewage system.

It is clear that Southern Water needs to be more proactive and engage more with those in Rye who are doing their best to prevent the nightmare scenario of flooding.

As REACT chairman Anthony Kimber questions: “With extreme rainfall predicted to be more frequent, without significant engineering improvements, should we expect to see more spillages from drains in the future?”

Congratulations to all at Beckley Primary School for its tremendous efforts in getting an improved Ofsted report, being rated ‘good’ in all areas. The future is looking very bright for the school.