We must put an end to road danger

WITH delivery drivers continuing to ignore restrictions and parking dangerously on pedestrian footpaths in the centre of Rye - how much longer will it be before someone is badly injured or killed?

That is the question being asked by anxious Rye councillors this week.

This problem has gone on for more than a year now and despite efforts by local police and councillors it is getting worse.

The focus of the problem is in Lion Street and many vehicles persistently breaking the law have been identified as delivering to the George Hotel.

Isn’t it now time the hotel itself took a more proactive approach with its suppliers in trying to put an end to this?

There really is no excuse whatsoever - pavements are for pedestrians to walk on not for goods vehicles to park on and deliver. Safety must take priority over commerce.

For those who regularly walk through Brede High Woods it is almost beyond belief that this beautiful spot was the scene of unimaginable terror for a young man who was tortured and threatened with being buried alive.

We can only be thankful that those responsible were caught.