Weather blows up a summer storm

Comment from the Rye Observer
Comment from the Rye Observer

The lights went out across parts of the Rye and Battle area on Friday when the most violent storm in recent years swept through.

Thanks to all the readers who sent in amazing pictures of the dramatic Spanish plume cloud that formed the centre of the storm-front.

We had reports of power loss and branches falling across roads and one large tree came down in Rye. Given the severity of the storm we are thankful there was not more serious damage to property or injury caused.

The ambulance service missing response times is cause for concern, especially in the light of ambulance station closures at Rye and Battle.

We appreciate that this was a snap-shot for the month of May only and that it was an exceptionally busy month for the service.

But standards are set nationally and the service should have the capacity and resources to cope with extra demand.

There are almost certainly going to be other busy months as calls to the service continue to increase, Perhaps the whole system needs to be re-examined.